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Red Dripping Bleeding Heart Nail Art Decal Sticker Set

  • $ 349

30+ Assorted Sized Nail Stickers / Decals

The latest trend in fashion, nail decals / stickers are a great way to show off! This is a pack of 30+ assorted nail decals / stickers - in three sizes, typically suitable for fingers, toes, and pinkies - or adult / child sizes! All in one pack!

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Only the Best

We're back with a passion - to bring you the latest, greatest, and highest quality nail art at an affordable price. This quick and easy trend can be done in minutes, in the privacy of your own home. Say goodbye to expensive salon trips, and hello to affordable, high-quality fashion.

Highest-quality Images

All of our images are crisp, clear, and precise. No fuzzy, unclear decals here. Our decals are prepared using only the highest quality inks and materials. Our colors will not smear, fade, or dissolve in water.

Goodbye Waterslide Decals. Hello Peel and Stick!

We are revolutionizing the nail art industry. Waterslide decals are tedious and hard to use, and they do not stick! Put the water away - our decals require no water at all. Simply peel the decal away and stick it on your nail. That's it.

White colors appear white on the nail!

Other sellers decals do not contain white color at all. Once on the nail, their white colors are clear. Not our decals! The colors you see are the colors you get! If you see white, your decal will have white. Paint your nails how you want to.

Put those scissors away!

All of our decals come Pre-cut! We have taken the guesswork out of the process. No more cutting around a design. Our decals come pre-cut and ready for application. Peel and stick, and that's it.

Custom designs and sizes!

That's right, we are the designers too! We can make any custom decals for your - from photos to anything! Just send us a message.

Longest lasting material

Our nail decal material will outlast any waterslide material out there. Our material is UV resistant and waterproof. Add a top coat and it will last for weeks / months. Don't settle for low quality waterslide materials.

We are the original

Other sellers try to imitate our designs, but they simply cannot match our unique style, high-quality no-mess product, and unbeatable customer service. Give us a try - we've been around for years. Designed, manufactured, and sold in the USA.

WARNING: Our Decals Have Been Known to Create Addictions.

How to Apply the Best Decals on the Market:

1. Prepare your finger and/or toe nails with polish, or leave your nails nude. Your choice!

2. Peel the decal away from the backing material.

3. Stick the decal firmly on your nail.

4. Apply a thin top-coat for added protection.

No mess, no fuss!

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